Thursday, May 18, 2017

Birthday Boy (the last preteen year)

Today, Jameson turns 12.

He is named after my Papa, James. Not the whiskey:). Jameson means son of Jameson. 
He has green eyes, the only one of our 4 without brown, taking after both of his light-eyed grandmas.
He is witty, loves to laugh and goof around.
He is friendly to all. Seeking out friends wherever we may move, vacation or visit.
He also has a tender heart and can pray in a heartfelt and honest way. 
He likes to have fun, a lot. He also loves to get his haircut and is enjoying creating his personal style...wouldn't expect less though, from this creative boy.
He is confident and takes the stage with poise, but can also shy away from things he doesn't feel like he can perfect.
He shoulders much with grace and expresses his fears openly so we can walk and process life's challenges together, while we have this privilege.
He is a sports fanatic, changing with each season. And when he plays on a team he is de-di-cated! 
In fact, he is not only a dedicated team player, but also, a loyal friend. 

I'm thankful God entrusted him to Jason and Me. He brings us joy, challenges us, makes our family complete, as do all our children. 

Happy 12th Birthday Jameson Wesley.❤️

My verse for you Jameson...
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:16

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Round one ✔️

The port procedure went smooth and I'm happy with the placement...not too noticeable. And even though i still won't admit I'm okay with having a foreign thing in my body, it did make chemo pretty seamless today.
Praying it does it's job.
Update on the trial. I'm not eligible to participate because it's for triple negative breast cancer, and I am not.
Looking into other back up plans. Butttt I'd rather this just have this drug work. AND keep my hair (please Lord let me be in the 70%) :)
Coveting your prayers for effect chemo and death to cancer!

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