Friday, November 26, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving week in Orange County, with my family, this year. We packed it full of fun...a Disneyland visit, the movie "Tangled", Christmas shopping, pedicures for the girls, golfing for the boys and lots of quality time with my family!

The View was so beautiful on the drive there!


Sutty's girlfriend, "Mimi"

Jameson knows how daddy likes his pumpkin pie...lots o' whip cream!(note how he is holding the canister like a gun-all boy!)

Meran helping prep dinner

My very creative aunt made this cool appetizer

Sutton enjoys eating pumpkin pie with both hands...who needs a fork anyway?

Sutty, Jason & Papa
Thankful for...
Jesus & Salvation
My handsome & understanding husband
3 spunky, healthy kids
New baby girl coming
Our supportive family-both sides
Really good friends

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Photos by Christie


We did a mini photo shoot this weekend in our yard, since my whole family was here.
My friend Christie took them...I think they turned out lovely.

Celebrating with Friends

Meran helped me open gifts and was thrilled to be there!

With my mother-in-law, Linda

Mom, Kate & Lauren came up for occassion

Myself, with the hostess' with the most-est

Our Beautiful Table (customized by Karin)


Some dear friends held an intimate luncheon on behalf of our new baby-girl-to-be at one of my favorite restaurant downtown, Cafe 225. Originally, I felt awkward about having a "shower" thrown for me. But, I do agree, that every baby deserves to be celebrated...and it isn't her fault she is 4th in line!
We lunched, talked and opened adorable pink gifts...a perfect afternoon.
It made it special, too, that my side of the family was able to come!

CVC Junior Cheer

Meran participated in a Junior Cheer Clinic that her school offered a few weeks ago. The following Friday night the girls got to cheer at the football game. Meran loved it...the song they danced to was the Beach Boys "California Girls".

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harvest Festival 2010

So excited!

Jason walked around telling kids..."You got a friend in me!"

Dragon's love pizza!

Cute Cowgirl Cousins

We had another fun and memorable Halloween at church, for the Annual Harvest Festival. Meran was a cowgirl, Jameson, a dragon & Sutton was a puppy. We ate pizza, played games and hung out with friends! Daddy might have been the biggest hit of the night, both with our kids and the kids at the church event. His mom had made him a Woody Costume for a previous party he had to go to. He did look authentic! Sutton would look up at him periodically during the evening and say fondly, "Wee-wee" (that is what he calls Woody, another of his favorites).
So cute!


Unsure at first, Sutton ended up LOVING the little rollercoaster in Toon Town.

Us & "Mimi"

The Gang
When the kids' school took 2 days off for parent-teacher conferences, a few weeks ago, we knew what we had to do...Schedule our conference early and take off for Grandma & Grandpa Lozano's and Disneyland!
We met up with some good friends from Visalia who had the same idea we did. The kids always enjoy the park a little more when they have a friend to ride with! Sutton got to meet his FAVORITE character...Minnie, or "Mimi" if you ask him.

Krispy Kreme Stop

On the way to OC a few weeks ago we had to make a pit stop. It was late and we'd been in the car awhile, so when we spotted the Krispy Kreme Donuts we knew we should take the opportunity to introduce our children to something delicious. Mind you, it was 9pm (way past bedtime!) and I only could indulge in the smell, but it was fun and worth the stop!

CVC Grandparents Day & Fall Festival

See Meran in the top row? They put on a performance singing all grandparent-related songs.

Grandpa Lozano had to come later, due to work...

CVC has Granparents Day and Fall Festival every October. By the weather, one would have thought it was summer...but the kids didn't let that stop them from having fun and showing their Grandparents around their classrooms!

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