Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photos by Becca

Though a bit behind, waiting for the healing of minor injuries (of Sutton), we finally did the kids' birthday photo shoot. Becca did a fabulous job...as usual!

Carefree Summer Days

I can't believe that we only have about 4 weeks until school starts! This summer went so fast...full of fun, friends, swimming and trips. And I thought we might be bored this summer! Not a chance! We had a relaxing day at Marie's yesterday...thanks for lunch and sharing your pool!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Dinner Time

Good Friends...that got alot of sun!

We got to celebrate Kayla's 8th Birthday with her!

Worship Time

Kids with Becca & Jared

Loading up to get on the water

Jameson, me & Meran on the tube

Sutton wasn't so sure at first, but Jas got him on a tube


A wonderful "perk" to Jason's job is that our family gets to join him on "business trips". Mostly these are camping-type trips, but the kids LOVE it and it is always such a blessing to be able to be with him as he ministers. He has such a heart for the 20-30 age group (Satellite)and it is neat to watch him and get to build relationships with these people too.
We just returned from Satellite's Hydro Water Ski Camp, at Bass Lake. There was lots of sun, water, boating and food. This year, our Senior Pastor, Jon Venema, was the guest speaker. It was fun to see him in a different setting. The Saltzman Family has joined on to volunteer in Satellite, so, ofcourse, the kids were thrilled to have their playmates along on the trip!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

San Francisco

Trying on one of Glinda's dresses on for size

This blue gown weighs about 18 lbs.

"Glinda" and Meran...holding her wand

This is what Alli looks like on stage

Ben, Kate, Me, Meran & Mom

Meran's first taxi ride...to the Orpheum Theatre

Getting ready to go into the Show

Breakfast at a little Cafe

Meran's first trolley ride...and she got to ring the bell!

Waiting for the trolley with Grandma & Grandpa Lozano
Meran and I just got home from a whirlwind trip to San Francisco. My parents took us and we met up with my brother, Benjamin and his fiance, Kate, who live in the city. We went to see the musical, WICKED. A long time family friend, Alli Mauzey, plays Glinda (or Gulinda, if you wish-if you have seen it you know what i mean!) She seriously made the musical what it was~she is so talented. She has performed on Broadway, among other places. To experience her talent you can youtube her. "Popular" is the favored song of Meran and myself. After the musical, we met Alli backstage and she showed us around. It was a fun experience!
The weekend went way too quick, but we managed to slip in some shopping, really great meals and a trolley ride topped off with a trip to Ghiradelli Square.
A weekend Meran and I won't soon forget!
*Special thanks to my husband for staying home to hold down the fort and entertain the boys...they had their own fun~swimming, McDonald's and yardwork...a boy's dream!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coming Soon...

Around February 9th, 2011, we will be debuting our newest addition to the family...baby #4. Stay tuned! It is bound to be a crazy ride, but we are nothing less than thrilled!

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July

good buddies

cute cowgirl enjoying her cupcake

the big girls

the little kids

sutton liked the fireworks...he kept saying "more" in between booms

my favorite patriots
jameson smiles mischieviously, with sparkler in hand

needless to say, sutton isn't crazy about the pool...

ALL the kids(and a few adults!)...it was kinda like a community pool at times

We spent another wonderful 4th of July with a bunch of friends at the DeHaan's Home.
Lots of eating...lots of swimming....lots of dessert....lots of kids....lots of fireworks
Everyone had a memorable time. We look forward to it all year long.
So thankful to be free!

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