Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

ry, bellen, taryn & mer

my fish...jameson

the neese men

After spending most of the weekend with my parents, we spent Father's Day with the Neese side. We bbq'd and swam....a very relaxing day at Eric & Christina's.
Meran, Jameson, Sutton & Bellen are SO blessed to have Jason for their dad! He is loving, understanding, a good listener, a good cuddler, a good wrestler and fun to be with! He has a great example of what a good father is in his own dad.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Woody & Jessie turn 3!

trying to help:)

sutton & taryn

the birthday kids

half a dozen neeses...minus 1(bellen was napping)

the party favors

my big(baby)boy

leslie made these cute cupcake toppers

my first try at fondant...not perfect, but fun!

sutton was really attentive to each present...meran read him each card and jameson was the trash guy

Since their birthdays are just 2 1/2 weeks apart, Leslie and I decided to throw Sutton & Reagan their 3rd birthday party together. We have alot of mutual friends and they are quite the little buddies. They were very cute as Woody & Jessie and had a great time!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sutton Turns 3

We celebrated our "baby" boy's (though Sutton doesn't allow me to call him my baby) 3rd birthday on Sunday. His favorite meal...Hotdogs, Strawberries & string cheese (he is a simple boy:) and instead of cake we had sugar cookies. The cutest part of the day is every time someone said "Happy Birthday" to him, he said it back! When he woke up in the morning and came into our room I said, "Happy Birthday Sutty!" and he replied, "Happy Bearday Mama". So 3!

Birthday Breakfast

I had to post this picture of myself and Meran the morning of her birthday...still looking sleepy. I don't make it in many pictures, since I am the one behind the lens. This bums me out to think that the kids might forget what I look like when they look back at these memories!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Meran's 9th Birthday

Meran had a few close friends over to celebrate her 9th Birthday. They did crafts, had hairflares put in and we went to dinner, followed by gifts and sundaes! Everyone wore pink~Meran's current favorite color;)

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