Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Since I mostly keep this blog as a memory-keeper for my children, I'm gonna dump some pictures of what we have been spending our time doing these last few way-too-fast weeks of summer.

    Big kids flew to Visalia for a week...first time flying solo!

    Sutton attended a golf camp with Addi (that glove, right?)

    We celebrated our favorite, bestest guy ever!

    Air & Space Museum (yeah for free museums on Tuesdays:)

    Coronado with Cousins

    San Diego Fair (formerly Del Mar fair...which we think sounds way cooler;)

   Trying on Princess shoes and wishin' mom would buy them 

    Braces for this one!!

    Celebrating the love & marriage of Leah & Griffin

    And last, but not least, lots of swimming!

    Cheers to the summer...we love you, please stay forever.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Year Later

Last year at this time we were still digesting our new normal. The news that my cancer was still there and had moved to new parts of my body, totally unwelcomed and unexpected. (Isn't that so like cancer, it literally has no manners)
Yes, I've lived one year with metastatic breast cancer! One year down and lots to go (Lord willing)! I have cancer, but it does not have me. This year, as I have said before, has possibly been the richest, most full year yet for our family. The reality of how precious each day is, though it may seem so cliche, has been so very real. And yet, even in this reality, I still manage to slip into myself and get hung up on things that DO NOT matter from time to time (Isn't that so "fleshly" of me).
God's provision, both material and spiritual has been enough. Just as He promises. I love that about Him. His consistency. No matter how we act, or what situation arises, He remains the same. Loving, caring, patient, faithful, giving of His mercies...new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).
This marathon (not a sprint) is so much easier to run with all of my cheerleaders (you). Thank you for every card, every donation, every prayer, every everything! There is No way I could have continued in my oxygen therapy several times a week without your support. Thank you doesn't even seem sufficient. But, it will have to do...for now;). 
I honestly didn't know what life would look like last year at this time, and I have to say, I'm pleased and very, very grateful.

Currently enjoying our summer doing this...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sutton is Seven

Sutton! You are our "Sutty Buddy"... With you little blonde streak and your deeper voice (for a kindergartener) . Tall like your dad. Steadily gaining on your brother in size...even though you are 3 years apart. I love looking at your baby teeth and the new, bigger teeth coming in, when you talk. You love all the "different" sports & hobbies...golfing, collecting trinkets and treasure, taking things apart and wondering how things work. 
You thrive in a one-on-one situation, behaving so well in school. But, get sooo frustrated when you feel like you've been "done wrong" or are not understood. Feisty little (even though you aren't little) guy!
We are heart-proud of you. We love you so much and are thankful God gave us you as a son! You are a treasure and we love watching you discover who you were created to be.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Teen Time

You never think it's going to happen, the teen years, when you become a parent. Yes, we were there when you were born...and all 9 months I carried you! We watched you take your first step, heard your first words. We put money under your pillow when you lost your first tooth...and each one after that.  Your dad and I took you to your first day of school, and dropped you off for your first summer camp several years later. We saw you face the hard so bravely in moving away from the only life you knew, when relocated to SoCal, and be resilient as we gave you the hard news of my cancer. We have watched your spiritual life flourish, heard your prayers, saw them answered, dad baptized you, we supported you as you took your purity vow....and then again renew it this year. We knew you were growing. We saw it, we heard it, we felt it. But, somehow, it doesn't seem possible...you are a teenager! What does that mean anyway? ;) it's just a number really. Kind of like 40 is just a number. No biggie. But, it's a reminder that you are on loan to us from God. You won't always be "with" us, but for these years that you are, you have been and are a gift to us. 
You made us parents.
You took us from a "couple" to a "family".
You make us proud...in a humble way, not in a puffed up way.
You have made us, now, parents of a teen. 
Meran, we love you. We love that you love Jesus. You are a great big sister to the 3 younger ones that watch you as you navigate through life. 
Happy 13th Birthday to our beautiful, both inside and out, girl.

     Princess Treatment at the Elsa & Anna Boutique

    Shopping & Lunch at Cheesecake Factory

Monday, June 1, 2015

16 Years and Counting

This past Saturday was our 16th wedding anniversary. I can remember feeling like a ten year anniversary was light years away after first getting married. It's funny, the saying, "time flies when you're having fun", definitely applies when I think about my life with Jason. Obviously, not everything is fun in our life and marriage, and by no means is our marriage perfect. But that is the beauty of it. We know how flawed we are as individuals, in turn making our relationship flawed. So, we rely on Christ's refining and roll up our sleeves and do the work. Believe me, we have messed up plenty in our relationship, because we are both sinners, striving for Christ-likeness in this journey. But our imperfections are what makes us better...because if we had it all together, where then could we grow? Which would mean we were stagnant, and we all know how boring stagnant is!
So, we celebrate our 16 years of trial and error and love and laughter. I love being married to my best friend who is very very patient and gracious with me. He knows my love languages and serves me, in love, accordingly. Thank you, Jason, for choosing me to do life with...I love it. And I love you. More.

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