Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hearts full of Gratitude

We began our Thanksgiving day a new way today. We decided to start a new tradition for a family by serving others on the day when we count our blessings...and ours are so many!
We went downtown to the local Rescue Mission to help out where ever we were needed. The kids were very excited for this new adventure! It was amazing at how many volunteers they had, so there wasn't too much for us to do (we dished up pie and separated the paper plates).
But it was a very fun way to begin our Thanksgiving day, off on the right foot.
After a brief call with "Far Away" Grandma & Grandpa (how Jameson refers to my parents) we went to Jason's parents, just down the road. It was such lovely weather the big kids spent most of the day outside playing. Delicious food, football, card games (not for me, ofcourse!)and the reading of ALL the sale adds. Happy Thanksgiving! God is good~all the time.
"Enter His gates with Thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his loves endures forever, his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:4-5

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pioneer Woman

Us & "PW"
Robyn & Carolyn (the ulimate fans)
Waiting in Line

My friend, Robyn, a fan of checking blogs, favors the blog of one, Ree Drummond, a.k.a. Pioneer Woman.
So, a few of us took a one day trip to L.A. to see The Pioneer Woman. Intially, I thought we were going to see a comedian...I was unfamiliar with her blog that apparantly has thousands of followers. Well, although she is very funny, it was not a "show", but rather a signing for her newly released cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It is a beautiful cookbook with lots of personal photography of her family on their Oklahoma Cattle Ranch, narrated with short stories, and of course, some delicious recipes that I cannot wait to try! Even Jason said that it made him want to cook after thumbing thru this cookbook!
Our day began early, at 6:30am...Myself, Karin, Robyn, and Carolyn piled into the Tahoe and zoomed toward L.A.! We had to make it to Borders in Torrance to purchase our cookbook and obtain the "yellow" wristband that ensured us a space at the front of the book signing line-that wasn't until 5pm! We did it!
After perusing the clearance books at Borders (which, I might add, is a great selection!) we grabbed Starbucks and made our way to The Grove (my real reason for getting up so early!).
We whirl winded our way thru the shops we loved and had a quick bite at the delicious cafe-like restaurant, The Farm.
Once getting back to Borders we waited a short while to see The Pioneer Woman. She had a Q & A time, where I realized how much some of these ladies LOVE her and I am pretty sure hang on her every breathe! We were in the first "80" or so gals in the book signing line, with atleast 150 more behind us. Ree/The Pioneer Woman seems nice and very down to earth, but Karin and I never actually met her because Robyn and Carolyn were star-struck(their words, not mine) and had oh-so-much to ask/tell her! (love you girls:) was fun!)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Soccer Finally 09

Eric(Jason's bro), Cousin Rylee & Jason, Meran
Team huddle

Sutty takin' 'er for a spin

Award's Time

Thank you Coach Daddy & Coach Uncle Eric

Well, another soccer season under Meran's belt. Though, she is not the least bit pleased to see it done. The Lady Dragons had their final season game on Saturday morning against the Pink Diamonds. The girls played great and it was a good note to end the season on. We had our team party on Sunday afternoon at the Zwart's home, very gracious hosts indeed! I never thought I'd say this, but I LOVE SOCCER (when my kids are playing, anyway!). Jameson's turn is coming in the late winter...stay tuned...he will be playing his first team sport. T-Ball. Play Ball!

They Tickle Me...

I am going to use this blog as a journal right now...because I have started and stopped so many paper journals that I lost count. The kids have been very entertaining lately. I guess because as they grow, so do their communication skills and it is oh so fun to listen to!
Jameson has had some really good questions lately...but the one that sticks in my mind is when he asked yesterday in all seriousness and wonder,"Mommy, does chocolate milk turn into poop in your tummy?"
Sutty is learning to pray. When we hold hands at the dinner table he jabbers away in a quiet, sweet little voice with whoever is praying for our meal. We all like to peek at him doing this! It is just so cute to watch a 17 month old mimic prayer!
On the way to school, on Friday, Meran was reading the boys one of Sutton's Bible board books. Each page has a very brief (like 3-4 sentences long) Bible story.
Meran was reading the story of Moses. The picture was of Moses as a baby in a basket in the river. After reading the brief summary on Moses, Meran closed the book and said," Okay, Bubba, do you want to know why baby Moses is in this basket in the first place?"
Jameson, caught up in awe of his sister's storytelling, said "Why?"
So, Meran goes on to tell Jameson about how Pharoah wanted all Hebrew baby boys to die, etc, etc...then before hopping out of the car to run to class she said,"Jameson, ask your teacher to tell you about it during Bible time!"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Harvest Festival

We went to our Church's Harvest Festival tonight. Sutton was our little Train Conductor, Jameson was a Pioneer and Meran was a Flapper.

There was lots of friends, candy and games. On the way home we stopped by a friend's house because Meran was dying to try "real" Trick-or-Treating...since our kids have never experienced that. One house satisified them, for now anyway!

Monsters vs. Aliens (the movie) Scene Flashback

Sutton's new thrill is to climb onto the train table in Jameson's room, when no one is paying attention. He use to just sit there, but now he finds it much more fun to destroy the table-pulling the pieces of track that have already been glued multiple times. The other morning Jason took both kids to school and Sutton and I just stayed home all day (a rare and wonderful treat). I went to check on him and this is the sight I found! It reminded me of a scene from the recent animated movie, Monsters vs. Aliens. And you can tell by the look on his face that my scolding him was taken seriously!

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