Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Elephant

If you know me, or just read my blog, you know I have an I bring into every room. You can't see it, but it's always there. Sometimes, because I'm feeling pretty darn good, I forget for a few minutes that I have this elephant. But, then, because people are kind and genuinely care for me, they ask how my health is. I haven't blogged for a bit regarding my health, so I thought I'd post about it. 
This is an exciting week. Out of the love and generosity of my sweet parents I am seeking additional, supplemental treatment at Cancer Center for Healing, in Orange County. I went for the first time last month and received new supplements (I'm still on oral chemo) and had a blood draw for a new treatment-S.O.T (Supportive Oligonucleotide Technique). (This is where it gets crazy) so my blood was sent away to Greece (yes, the country) and some kind of "medicine" (not actually an antibiotic, but similar) is made for my specific cancer cell. Wednesday morning I will have that medicine intravenously administered (from the cost, I'm expecting it to be a 14k gold needle;)). It will work stealth-like on my cancer cells(those little buggers are smart, gotta sneak up on them), inducing cell death. It will remain in the bloodstream for 14-16 weeks. This treatment can occur 3 times within 12 months.
I am excited to see the results! Please join us in praying that it works! God has been so good, so faithful and so kind. It's been over a year that I've had this diagnosis of stage IV metastatic breast cancer (4 years total living with cancer). And, crazily, though it's been a cancer coaster, I have improved health. That is only due to God graciously answering our prayers. May He receive ALL due glory. It's my honor to bring Him glory through this journey. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Unplugged Vacay

We've just returned from a super relaxing, unplugged, electronic free vacation at the Neese Cabin a few days ago. I relaxed so much, apparently, that I have been down with a nasty head cold since.
Perhaps it's my body going into shock from the altitude change;).
This year, Jameson experienced his first year of summer camp, at Wagon Train. Just like it bunk in covered wagons. A little boy's dream. Dirt, a lake, canoes, games, archery and no mom to tell you to shower or slow down when you eat! (Just for the record my boy showered all but 2 days:)
Jameson came home super happy (he obviously gets recharged by being with others) and constantly singing the new camp praise songs he learned. Love it.

Meran returned to the Jr High Camp, Meadow Ranch, with Alexa once again. They braved the ropes course, kayaked, rope swung into the lake, fed the ducks, swam and enjoyed being together. I can hardly believe that next summer brings High School Camp at Ponderosa for her!
Jason & I love our times every morning while the 2 youngers have fun at day, walk around the lake and talking without interruption or eaves dropping from smaller ears;). It's like an outdoor daily date! Family and friends come and go during the week and that's an added bonus!
I know I'm being redundant, but it's such a blessing to have Hume Lake to retreat to and a family cabin to stay in. It's a memory maker I never would have thought I wanted, but now I can't imagine summers without it. 

We ended our time away with a short stay in Visalia, to visit with Family and celebrate some birthdays...

Summer, please don't go. You always leave too soon...3 1/2 weeks until school begins. Boo.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Fun Fourth with the Fam

Happy Birthday America! In God we still trust.

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