Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New York Trip~Day 2

This Fire Station lost the most heroes in 9/11.

Cold & wind blown, but loving every minute of it...on top of the GreyLine
Double Decker City Bus Tour.

Recognize this from the movie, "The Night at the Museum"?
It is the Museum of Natural History! So cool!

They have these carts of yummy hot nuts-almonds, cashews or peanuts,
all over New York...this one was just outside Central Park.

The Metropolitan Art Museum

Rockefeller Center...
Ice skating, anyone?

A stroll thru Central Park

Aahh...So romantic! (Central Park)

Dinner at Angelo's on Mulberry Street.
This Restaurant opened in 1907! I could eat my way thru NY.

A View of Little Italy

On our 2nd day in New York, we covered some major ground by tour bus and guided by our personal guide, Jeffrey. Lindy had to work...she works for Tori Burch. But, we all enjoyed a great meal together that evening. Seriously, a person could eat their way thru NYC and not gain a pound because you walk so much! We found the people to be very friendly and interesting.
Life is so different than that of CA.
Some sights we saw were: The Met & Museum of Natural History, Central Park (which is very vast!), Grand Central Station, United Nations, Trump Towers, Little Italy, Harlem, The Apollo Theatre, Rockefeller Center, Chinatown, Madison Square Garden, Lincoln Center, Manhattan Bridge and so much more!
Crazy Fact~There are only 12 gas stations in NYC!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

New York Trip~Day 1

Our Hotel

The View of "Ground Zero", from our hotel window.

Our 1st of many subway rides!

Top of the very windy Empire State Building.

We stoppped for an afternoon treat at Crumbs BakeShop!

Times Square...the only part of New York I didn't care for!
(too tourist-y)

We had our first meal with Lindy & Jeffrey at this quaint little Italy restaurant in their neighborhood-Greenwich Village. Our waiter, Umberto, had a super thick Italian accent...he'd only been in the US for 2 years. The food was delicious!

Bakeries everywhere!!!! We had dessert (canolli and coffee) from Rocco's~we passed it walking from dinner to Lindy's apartment, how could we not go in?

Jason and I had the incredible opportunity to visit New York City for 5 days! In April, Jason is officiating the ceremony of Lindy & Jeffrey~2 Californians that transplanted in NYC. They showed us the city better than any tour guide could have...nothing beats having a local show you around! I think I could live there if the Lord called us East! It was an amazing time. I took so many pictures that I will have a blog entry for each day we were in NY!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Addilyn Joy!

The Birthday Baby

Loving the gifts...and the sunglasses!
(she kept them on during most of the present opening)
Jameson giving Addi pointers on eating her mini bundt cake.

Alot of gifts for a little girl.

Mommy presenting the cake to the birthday princess.

Fancy & Girly Desserts!

The Cousins(note Sutton's arm resting on Addi's back!)

Baby Adawyn (as Jameson calls her) is 1 year old! Dustin & Lauren experienced another parental first this weekend, giving Addilyn a beautiful party in Lauren's parent's backyard. Friends, family, sunshine, pink, cakes and gifts! It was a lovely afternoon and we enjoyed very much celebrating the first year of this darling little sweetie that the Lord has blessed our family with!

A taste for exotic foods?

Meran came home from school a few weeks ago asking me to buy "chocolate spread". A few of her friends at school had been eating sandwiches made with this at lunch time and she wanted to try it. I knew just what she was talking about...Nutella! I'd had my own encounter with the creamy chocolatey hazelnut spread in Albania, some 15 years ago, while on a missions trip. The house where out team was staying was just down the street from a bakery (a.k.a a house that made bread and sold it). We'd buy a fresh loaf of warm french-type bread, run back to the house and spread Nutella over it! So good! Major carbo-load!
Meran isn't so sure if she is sold on it, after one sandwich. However, I was brought back to Albania when I licked the knife (after making the sandwich, ofcourse!).

Monday, March 15, 2010

Finally his turn...

Sutton and I enjoyed a playdate at The Little Gym with some of our friends from MOPS.
Every time we visit the grocery store (that neighbors The Little Gym) Sutton makes it very clear that he remembers it and wants to go there! He did, after all, spend once a week there the first year of his life (it is where Meran & Jameson took gymnastics & karate). He had a blast tumbling, running, throwing rubber balls and jumping! Luckily, we are having the kids' birthday party there this year, so there is much more fun to come!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Play Ball!

Today was Jameson's very first T-Ball game! Make that his very first "any" game! Jason and I were pondering the fact just the other day that we can't believe we have a boy that plays did this happen? When did he get so big? I know, I know, all parents think like this (all the time,I am finding out). When I was uploading the pictures on the computer that I took at his first game I was a bit surprised that I'd taken 28 pictures of a 45 minute game! He is just so darn boy-cute in his uniform. I feel as though I have been practicing for this for atleast 30+ years-having 2 younger brothers, and having put in my time at the ball field. Although, back then I mostly was interested in visiting the snack bar. Boy, has that changed! I didn't even sit down in the chair I brought. The game wasn't that intense, but between watching Jameson and keeping an eye on Sutton (who, by the way, picked up and ate a mystery orange candy off the ground and by the time I saw it is was too late! do antibacterial wipes work in the mouth???) who needs a chair!?
Here is a run down of the game.
Player's Number-#3
Position-(today) 3rd base & short stop
Player's favorite part of the game, when asked by coach/dad-"talking with his friends"

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