Sunday, August 29, 2010

"The Force"

Sis gave him a few pointers before the game

pre-game warm up with Coach Jason

happy boy~ready to play

Still smiling~running the lines

Sutton happy to have his own "baw" kept him entertained during the game

Go Force!
It is finally here...He waited, watched and has logged in many hours on the sidelines of the soccer field. Now, it is his turn! Jameson is playing AYSO and had his first game on Saturday. He, somehow, influenced his teammates (thru his charm, I am sure) to agree on naming the team "the Force"...after StarWars, which consumes his thoughts and make believe play time these days!
The team did win, 5-0, which does not matter in the least bit to me. But, Jameson was so proud of his team winning, he didn't even care that he only touched the ball a handful of times. He runs the field with a smile, loving every minute of it. It is so cute to watch. Besides obviously having fun, I can tell his other goal of the game is to make his coach (daddy) happy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Here it is! The beginning of the 2010-11 school year at Central Valley Christian.
Meran is entering her 3rd grade year, with Mrs. Gilbert. And Jameson is in his last year of preschool, with Ms. Leslie & Ms. Diane. They both were looking forward to starting the school year, though, Meran a bit more that Jameson, which made it so much easier to say goodbye to summer.
When Sutton took a 3 hours nap that afternoon, I felt a bit lonely. I was able to get so much done in such a short time, I kind of missed the distractions of little voices and hands. It felt much more complete after we were all home together in the afternoon. It was especially lonely to little brother, who asked about 20x atleast, "Ehr (where)Tissy (Sissy)...Ehr (where)Bubba?" When I'd say they are at school he'd say. "ooohhh!!!" Equally surprised each time.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Last Summer Outing

It is here, the end of the summer...we surprised the kids by taking them to Adventure Park. They love going miniature golfing, but it is so hot in the summer we avoid that place for a few months.
The evening we went it happened to be an uncharacteristicly cool and beautiful evening. Jason took Meran and Jameson on the bumper boats for the first time and they got soaked-but loved every minute of it. It was actually so cool that I worried that they would be chilly afterwards!
We had planned to go to ice cream afterwards, but Sutton started running a fever by the end of our time golfing. So, we satisfied them with a candy bar from the snack bar. Sutt turned down a snack, so I really knew he wasn't feeling well. Poor Baby.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Brithday Daddy!

Tuesday was Jason's 35th Birthday-finally! He is always a half year younger than me so I feel much better once he has caught up!:) We celebrated at home with a nice, relaxing dinner of his choice: chicken parmesan & pasta, a wedge and cheesecake with cherries. Happy Birthday to my best & wonderful friend, husband and partner in parenting!

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