Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Big 4-0 in the Big Apple

I haven't posted because I've been celebrating...I turned 40 Tuesday!! Woo-hoo!
Jason and I went to NYC for 5 days. Thank you to my inlaws for holding down our fort and keeping the kids' schedules! NYC was super cold for these So Cal-ers, but we enjoyed walking & eating our way thru the city (ditched my low carb eating for my birthday week;). We even got to visit with friends while we were there.

Snow and walking...

Food and friends...

Lots of Fun...

I'm so thankful for the time Jason and I had. We always miss the kids when we are away, but thoroughly enjoy our time together!

We continued our celebration once we were back in Cali. My mom came to spend my birthday with me and Meran skipped school, cus you know, life is short, fun comes first;)!
We played all day and Bellen experienced her first time getting her nails done in a "real" salon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Meran is less than 4 months away from becoming a teenager. She loves to remind me of it too. And while I know I haven't been through the teenage years before, I just smile when strangers warn me what is yet to come when she is a "teen".
I know Meran. She knows me. We have open communication. The Lord has completely blessed us with all 4 of our children. But Meran, indeed has become a double blessing as she grows with each passing year. Her love for Jesus is the secret. Because without that she would not possess the wisdom of choosing wisely who to surround herself with, how to spend her time and the discipline she has in both school work and her spiritual work. I have learned much from most can also say about their own children. Raising children surely shapes and molds us in a way we wouldn't have stretched ourselves otherwise.
Please don't take this post as tooting my own horn, or Meran's. I'm just simply sharing what is in my swollen-with-love-heart for my first born. As it swells for all my children. My heart nearly burst Monday at Disneyland. We went to watch Meran and her Dance Team, from school, perform at Disney's Performing Arts. I almost cried as I watched her dance...this girl who didn't talk much up until 5 years old because she required speech therapy and sometimes people couldn't understand her, who weathers change & challenges so well, who prays for the sick and hurting, who has to stay up sometimes later than her classmates to finish her homework because she needs a bit more time...but perseveres for that A, who gives me insight when I can't see past my own nose.

And I know that the Joy I feel because of her, is the Joy my Heavenly Father feels for me, tenfold.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Fourth is Four

Bellen turned 4 today. It seems much less than 4 years since I brought her into this world. She has been a source of complete Joy. The Lord knew what was ahead for us...from breaking my foot, to our relocation, to Cancer...twice. True, having a baby to care for was challenging during all of those experiences. But, as most have experienced first hand, babies bring an enormous amount of joy and have a way of directing all attention to themselves! For these reasons, she was a beacon of light during what could be considered a stormy time for our family. God knew what we needed in this family and it was Bellen Noelle! Her sassy, sweet, sensitive spirit adds so much to our family. 6 was our perfect number.

She had a very full day of celebrating...
          Last Day as a 3 year old
           Looking older already
         Breakfast out with Mom & Dad
           Preschool Party
           Family Dinner at Corvette Diner for the Birthday Girl

         The part she waited allllll day for
    And this creative boy recycled a gift bag into a costume

Last weekend she celebrated at American Girl too...oh, to be four!

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Psalm 127:3

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