Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Over Achiever...?

I like to think I am not "one of those moms" who compare their baby's height, weight and where they are on the chart, to other babies. Maybe when I was a new mommy...other moms did it and it seemed like the thing to do, compare...
Now, 9 years of mothering behind me and countless notches on my mothering belt (the kind heavy weight champions wear;) I have given up on that. I must say, it does help that our pediatrician never lets us know where the kids "fall" on the chart. (If I want to see I actually have to crain my neck and look really quickly before she marks that blue grid-like paper and closes the folder).
Anyway, Bellen, being baby #4 is making me wonder. Is she going to be an over-achiever? Does she feel the pressure of having to keep up with her brothers and sister? Her chunky legs, coo-ing, double(or is it triple?) chin and big 2-tooth grin gives her plenty of leverage for earning  her a spot in this household. Somehow, she must not understand that though because, much to my disappointment, she is starting to sit up. When I lay her down she automatically lifts her head and feet up, trying to pull herself up(or maybe she is trying to do a sit-up?). Even in the bathtub she wants to sit and splash her hands in the water.
I don't want her reaching these milestones yet or moving up levels on "the chart"...stay a baby, baby. Please! You're the last of our offspring and I want to savour your baby-ness!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heart Shaped Berries

Tonight when we were eating dinner we found hearts in our strawberries!
The kids got a real kick out of it.

sutton's wasn't really heart shaped. but he wanted his picture taken too:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hydro 2011

I missed out this year on the annual Satellite Hydro Trip to Bass Lake, due to "the accident". Meran and Jameson still went with Jason. They spent a fun, cool & wet weekend on the lake, tubing.

Held together by a pin

a pin was placed thru both the breaks in my 5th metetarsal
Went to my post-op appointment today and got the bandages off. It felt like I could breathe better! I was hoping to get the stitches out...have to wait till next week though. Baby steps. One week down...6 to go??!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Hope I have good worker's comp!

So, I got injured on the job on Tuesday. I was getting Sutton ready, excited that my older 2 kids were coming home after a week's stay at my parents. I carried Bellen into Sutt's room to change him and I started to step on a toy tractor that was on the floor. I tried to stop myself from tripping on it...big mistake. I let out a loud and crazy yell (that scared Bellen, who began to cry) and I fell to the ground. I sat on the floor in Sutton's room waiting for the pain in my foot to lessen. I have done this lots of times-fallen over a toy. After 30 minutes I had Sutton get my phone and I called Jason...this was not just a twisted foot. 4 hours later, after seeing the Dr., having xrays and visiting a foot specialist, it was determined that I would have surgery 2 days later to put a pin in my 5th metatarsal, that I had broke in 2 places.
"I hope I have good worker's comp insurance" I said to the nurse.
I actually found the news funny and unbelievable...but, it is what it is. Now, here I sit, 3 days later. Crutches near by and my mom here to help. I will have to be off my foot for 6-8 weeks. That doesn't seem that bad until...
-you realize you can't carry your baby, while using crutches,
-I can't clean my own floors (or anything for that matter),
-I have to bath with one leg hanging over the tub (due to stitches),
-I can't drive ANYWHERE.
Glad we packed in lots of fun the first half of the summer!
post surgery foot
I definitely will not take my feet for granted after this! I will be learning LOTS of patience and "letting go" during this next month or so:). But this is SO temporary! Glory to God!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

5 Months Old

our 5 month old sweetie
bellen loves to fall asleep in meran's arms
Our baby girl is growing so fast that I cannot keep up with her! I would swear that it is going faster than the other 3 kids....at 5 months she has 2 teeth, trying to scoot around on her tummy and weighs about 13 1/2 lbs. She is a peanut, but a chunky peanut for sure! She is so joyful-often, when we are out people remark about what a happy baby she is. She is our little ray of sunshine...Bellen Noelle.

Annual 4th of July Get Together

sutton checks out the donkeys

baby sister's first 4th of July
sutton, ready for the fireworks with his glow sticks & popsicle

meran & kayla

our little miss america

buddies...owen & jameson

We enjoyed another 4th of July at the DeHaan's! It was SO hot...we all got in the pool! Food~Friends~Fireworks!

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