Saturday, April 24, 2010


Our dog is Lily, but Sutton calls her Li-luh. It is so cute that I have taken to calling her that too. Meran reminds me often that her real name is "Lily". Thanks little mommy.
Sutton just loves on the dog with no fear-nevermind that she is 3x his weight.

Cutest Ball Player I Know...

Sorry. Just can't help posting these of the boys from Jameson's T-ball game last week.
Oh...the ears! Sutton gets angry if you try to tuck them in his hat.
Go Cardinals!

Visalia Rawhide Game

Jason and Jameson went to the Rawhide Game, the local triple A team, a few weeks ago. It was Little League day-where the boys got to run the bases, pre-game, and enjoy a free game. We are pretty sure Jameson just went for the sugar....Grandpa Neese & Uncle Than went to. It was a "guy thing".

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Re-Cap

Coloring Easter eggs.

The finished product...they make great egg salad sandwiches!

A sneakpeak to summer break~having fun "playing house" together!

Easter goodies!
Meran made this for Jason and me at the Maundy Thursday service this week.
Jason is going to hang it in his office.
This year was a new experience for our family! We weren't able to make the trip to OC to be with my family and Jason's mom got sick. So, at the last minute, we were invited by our good friends, the Olson's, to eat an Easter meal with them. Our kids are all friends, so needless to say this was a HUGE hit with them. Robyn is the most stylish, best & warmest hostess...and the funny thing is she has no idea! Everyone loves going to her house! The Olson's make you feel so comfortable in their home. He is Risen...and we are grateful!
The kid's table.

Huntin' eggs.

New York Trip~Day 4

Jason & I grabbed a bagel sandwich at this Greenwich deli (on the right) Sunday morning. The local places were the place to be~best taste and price!

Central Park~starting to bloom.

Gotta have a hot dog from a street vendor...well, the boys did anyway.

We were lucky enough to be in NY on the opening day of the Macy's Flowers Show. Held at the Macy's in Herald Square, the whole first level is full of both cut and live plants & flowers. They had tours of the floral displays thru-out the store. It smelled so good!

The store front at Macy's-all real flowers!!!

Here is one view in the store.
If you love shopping AND have a green thumb this would be a dreamy world for you!

We love Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, so we just had to stop in at a Dunkin' Donuts shop (since we don't have them near us). It is better when brewed at home, but warmed us up since it was a very cold day...and we'd walked from Central Park to Downtown, in the rain (but, not uphill both ways!)
Sunday was our last day so we packed it full! We joined Lindy & Jeffrey for church at Redeemer Presbyterian, where Timothy Keller preaches. After a LONG walk in Central Park we ate lunch and then proceed to walk what felt like the whole length of NYC. It was windy, cold and fun! I think I had coffee 3 times that day! Our time was so memorable and fun and we look forward to Lindy and Jeffrey's wedding in just a few short weeks!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

New York Trip~Day 3

See what I mean about "eating your way thru the city?" Jeffrey is munching on some olives from Dean & DeLuca while we pass a cupcake truck, while walking the streets of SoHo...

The Street that Lindy's (and soon to be Jeffrey's) apartment is on.

The Beautiful Pastries at Dean & DeLuca. If I could have gotten them home,
I would have bought one of everything!

We saw the Broadway Musical "Memphis"~ it was phenomenal!
You can youtube some of the songs...Jason can't get the music out of his head!

After the musical we visited Lindy's World Famous Cheesecake, mostly so Lindy could say she's been there. That was some pricey Cheesecake for a diner-style restaurant!

"Subin'" it...the best way to get around in the city, besides walking!
Day 3 began with brunch at 11am~the City likes to sleep in on Saturdays...probably because everything is open till all hours of the night! We had good discussion and laughs over great food.
We walked around SoHo-which stands for south of Houston St. They have a hip collection of shopping, restaurants & cool markets-like Dean & DeLuca, in that area.
That evening we went to see the Broadway musical, Memphis. Set in the early 1950's in Memphis, had great music and a good message that we can all use reminding of. We topped the night off with a $10 piece of cheesecake (ouch) at Lindy's Famous Cheesecake. I guess we paid for location, 'cus it sure wasn't Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake! Part of the experience!

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