Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2nd Grade Animal Project

Meran presented her animal project yesterday in front of her class and did a great job! It was fun helping her. She had chosen the Swan for her project...did you know that a swan has around 25,000 feathers on their body (to keep them both warm & waterproof) and about 15,000 of those are on the neck alone!? We also made a diorama, using cotton and a Q-tip to create a very cool swan, if I do say so myself!


Last night i guess i was extra tired because i let the kids stay up a little later due to the fact that we were busy laughing at Sutton...or should I say "Suttina". Sutton was quite pleased with himself, wearing his sister's sparkly red headband and heart hairclip. I love laughing with my kids!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Potato Pumpkins!

This Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa Lozano's house the kids made Mr. Potato Head Pumpkins...a fabulous idea, because the idea of giving a carving knife to my 4-year-old-boy-with-pirate-on-the-brain is not such a good one! We got them at Target (ahh, my home away from home). They come in 3-4 designs, Meran has the Princess and Jameson has the Pirate (ofcourse!). You just stick the parts where you want and voila! a cute pumpkin without the mess or the, you can reuse the pieces in the future! Thanks Grandma! Kuddos Mr. Potato Head company!
Sutty was happy enough to get to use crayons on his baby pumpkin...but, he is enjoying pulling off the pumpkin's arms when no one is looking!

Addilyn Joy's Baby Dedication

Addilyn Joy was dedicated to the Lord this past Sunday by Dustin & Lauren. The kids and I drove down for the occasion(poor daddy couldn't come,that work thing always gets in the way!).
We went out to lunch after with both sides of the was a nice morning.

Aunts & Uncles & Cousins..Oh my!

A few weekends ago the whole Lozano Clan got together in Visalia. It is few and far between...but, so much fun! Grandma & Grandpa Lozano were here already for Grandparents Day. Uncle Ben & Aunt Kate came from San Francisco and Uncle Dustin, Aunt Lauren & Addilyn (or, Baby Adawin, if you ask Jameson) came from San Diego. They got to watch Meran play soccer and we just had a great time being together. Meran and Jameson loved fussing over Addilyn-who they think is so cute! Although, Sutton wasn't so sure about sharing his toys with Addi who is all over the place @ 6 1/2 months! We even took a family pictures~I'll post it later if I can figure out how! Thanks for making the trek and effort everyone! We love you lots and look forward to Christmas!

CVC Grandparents Day/Fall Festival

The middle of October , the kids' school, Central Valley Christian, hosts a Grandparents Day and Fall Festival. It is a time the kids really look forward to! Meran and Jameson got to show both sets of Grandparents their room. Then, the 1st-4th grade present a cute little music program. The day ends early and the school hosts a fall festival with games, food, a boutique and fun for the rest of the afternoon! We came home with 2 goldfish (goldie and cheezy...but now we only have cheezy!), a plate of cookies from the cakewalk and exhausted kids (big and little alike!). Sutton enjoyed his first pony ride, as you can see!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Super Jameson

Although today was about 82*, earlier this week we had some wonderful fall weather, even some rain! One of those day Jameson decided to throw on his cape (you might recognize it from his birthday party pictures) and "fly" around the yard. Lily was loving having someone to romp around with. Jameson pretends she is "superdog" and loves to hang all over her~luckily she has had a recent bath!
Poor Sutton watched with his face pressed against the slider because he had to stay inside due to a sinus infection. There is so much dust in the air from the walnuts being harvested!

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