Friday, February 24, 2012

A Big Week!

last treatment...Bellen is obviously ecstatic!

spoiled by my husband with birthday treats
This was a big week...I finished my final chemo treatment (woo-hoo!). I also turned 37!
A few weeks ago I met a new friend at the Moores Cancer Center. We are both young(ish) moms, who are walking thru Breast Cancer at an unexpected time in life. It struck me, this week as I was reflecting on finishing chemo, how the Lord places "flowers" along our journey. We can choose to stop and pick those flowers...benefiting from the blessing that comes from stopping and looking for God. Or, sometimes, we get so caught up in the actual journey that we don't take time to stop or even notice the "flowers", or blessings, that God has placed in our path. My new friend, is one of these blessings. To be able to speak to someone who is going thru the same thing at the same time in life is encouraging.

With chemo behind me, I have 3 more hills to climb during this journey (surgery, radiation, reconstruction). As a friend pointed out, "hills that I couldn't climb without the strength of the Lord." He has been so good to our family....thank you to each and everyone who has encouraged, provided and blessed us in some way. God has used you as "flowers" in this part of our journey.

Winter Retreat with St. John's Youth Group

Jason spoke at St. John's Episcopal Church Winter Retreat, taking place at El Capitan Canyon, just outside of Santa Barbara,  for the 5th year last weekend. This was the first time we have taken all 4 kids. It is an awesome place to "camp" (definitely my kinda of camping) and the group is so warm and welcoming. Meran had been looking forward to meeting up with her "friends" she had made in the past years. Sutton & Jameson enjoyed being in the outdoors, having adventures and collecting rocks & sticks. Bellen just enjoyed being center of attention, because isn't that what happens when you are a baby in the midst of a group:). It was a great weekend and we are thankful to have been apart of the St. John's youth group retreat!
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Atleast you know that you won't find any hair in the food I prepare;)

Heart Pancakes for Breakfast

Checking out the party goods

Jameson is always so sweet to share with his little brother...even feeding him!

Our Family Valentine's Dinner

Bellen checking out her new toy

Sutton and his goods

A girl can never have too many shoes!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Old Friends...New Times

My high school girlfriends and I got together for dinner the other night in San Clemente. It was so fun to reconnect and I look forward to spending more time with Paige, Erin, Becky & Melissa.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our New Home Team

Let there be no mistake, Dodger-blue is what runs through Jason's veins. But, part of moving to a new place is embracing the city around you. If you have been to San Diego, I don't need to tell you, there is so much to see and do, and alot of it for free! Today Jason took Meran, Jameson & Sutton to the Padres' Fan Fest at Petco Park. The kids donned their new Padres gear, I packed them a lunch and Jason brought gloves and balls for signing. The kids got to run the bases and meet several players...lots of memorable moments for sure! We support the Padres~they are our new "home team"...but the Neese clan will always be Dodgers fans too. In fact, we will be attending the Open Game at Petco Park...Padres vs. Dodgers:)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Bellen's 1st Birthday

This past year has been full of ups and downs, but the BIGGEST blessing that has come out of 2011 has been Bellen Noelle. I can hardly believe she is one! On Saturday we celebrated her 1st birthday at the park near our house with a small group of family and friends. Bellen had a great day...she enjoyed opening her presents most of all, with the help of Big Sissy. Happy Birthday Sweet Baby Girl!

Muffie Top Monday

 Marshmallow Muffies

Ready for Meran's snack tomorrow

Jameson's favorite treat at Panera is the Chocolate Chip Muffie. It is a great treat, but considering we can walk there too easily, it was becoming more than that...and at $2.29 each I decided I could make them for him at home! My mom found us this Muffie top pan at HomeGoods and we have given it a work out! I have designated Monday as "Muffie Top" Day. Yesterday I bought this cupcake book that actually has lots of muffin recipes in it. Today I tried the Marshmallow Muffins. They look really chocolate-y, but actually aren't overly sweet. Then, I made our go-to and family favorite, the Chocolate Chip Muffie.
The kids enjoy taking them for snack at recess time.
Disclaimer:eating too many Muffie tops may result in having a Muffin top;)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

100th day

The kids have only been at The Rock Academy a little over a month, but Jameson's class celebrated the 100th day of school Wednesday. Everyone brought 100 of something small to share. Jameson brought chocolate...His favorite!

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