Friday, August 21, 2009

School Days...

Meran with Mrs. Hooyer
Our Central Valley Christian Cavaliers!
Jameson with Miss Monica & Miss Vicki

Sutton laughing at a little tiny baby grape
(he thought it was a ball and wouldn't eat it)

Jameson and Kenna

Meran at her new desk

Well, the first week of school has come and gone! On Monday, Meran began 2nd grade with Mrs. Hooyer. On Tuesday, Jameson began preschool with Miss Monica & Miss Vicki.
Meran is thrilled to be back at school with her friends, playing on the bars and absolutely loves her teacher! Today, she got in the car, bubblying over with excitement about being the "reading buddy" for a kindergartener, who happens to be the younger sister of one of her friends.
Jameson is enjoying all-day preschool, although he does not like having to take a "rest" time(since he is not a regular napper). A highlight of his is telling me what he wants to take for lunch in his Superman lunch box. He also has said that he wishes there was more playing time and less learning time. Poor little guy, reality has just begun! He is also quite amused that the boy's potty has no ring on it!
With both Meran and Jameson gone 2 days a week, I have learned much about Sutton. He is really taking to having all my attention, a quiet house for nap time and being able to play with anything (of Meran and Jameson's) he wants without anyone telling him "don't" ( I just make sure all the toys are back where they belong before school is out!)
Besides school... soccer began(go Lady Dragons), Jason began his practicum at the Kings View Counseling Center in Hanford and I went back to the gym. Busy~but good!

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