Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Catch

Jameson caught his first fish at Hume Lake last weekend. He really resisted when Jason suggested that they go fishing because he was having fun playing with Meran, Taylor and Rylee. But, an hour later, he came back to the cabin ALL SMILES~holding up his little fish that he had caught. "Look mama I caught a fish". I was so happy for him, mostly because he was so proud of himself!
Jason said he was about to throw it back in the lake but Jameson protested because he wanted to take it back to the cabin, cook it and eat it! Daddy cleaned it and Uncle Than helped Jameson bbq it. When he was given a bite he said "yummm" before it even touched his lips...but a few seconds later followed up with a "yuck!" Trout is nothing like Salmon!

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  1. Eliot caught his first trout at the lake this summer and then last week he caught a 13 inch Bass a the river with my dad! Luckily the Bass got thrown back in the river so I didn't have to feel guilty about tossing it in the trash. I HATE cooking trout! Isn't it fun watching our little boys do big boy things. Love it! -Sarah


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