Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Things They Say...

Miss Monica asked Jameson "What Makes you Happy?".
Jameson replied,"When I get to see Jesus."

I got my haircut short today...after it being "long" for several years now.
I told my hairdresser that I was nervous how my 4 year old would respond.
Sure enough...
I walk into his classroom where they were sitting down watching a movie. He gets up and walks over to me, with his mouth moving slowly into a frown and tears filling his eyes.
I think, "oh, I am a little early and he doesn't want to be the first to leave".
"I don't like your hair like that" he cries, wrapping his arms around me.
Atleast he wrapped his arms around me to soften the blow.
Next, we get Meran..she comes out hold a friend's hand, smiling.
Then she sees me...
"Why did you do that to your hair?" she half-whines.
When I saw Sutton later, he didn't seem to care at all. Little angel!

When I put Meran to bed, as I walked out of the room, Meran said,"I like your hair now...I am getting use to it."
Needless to say, my kids are reluctant to change!
And for the record, I kinda like my new haircut!

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  1. ha! i love it. precious jameson. i am sure your hair is super cute! it always is!


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