Sunday, April 4, 2010

New York Trip~Day 4

Jason & I grabbed a bagel sandwich at this Greenwich deli (on the right) Sunday morning. The local places were the place to be~best taste and price!

Central Park~starting to bloom.

Gotta have a hot dog from a street vendor...well, the boys did anyway.

We were lucky enough to be in NY on the opening day of the Macy's Flowers Show. Held at the Macy's in Herald Square, the whole first level is full of both cut and live plants & flowers. They had tours of the floral displays thru-out the store. It smelled so good!

The store front at Macy's-all real flowers!!!

Here is one view in the store.
If you love shopping AND have a green thumb this would be a dreamy world for you!

We love Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, so we just had to stop in at a Dunkin' Donuts shop (since we don't have them near us). It is better when brewed at home, but warmed us up since it was a very cold day...and we'd walked from Central Park to Downtown, in the rain (but, not uphill both ways!)
Sunday was our last day so we packed it full! We joined Lindy & Jeffrey for church at Redeemer Presbyterian, where Timothy Keller preaches. After a LONG walk in Central Park we ate lunch and then proceed to walk what felt like the whole length of NYC. It was windy, cold and fun! I think I had coffee 3 times that day! Our time was so memorable and fun and we look forward to Lindy and Jeffrey's wedding in just a few short weeks!

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