Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

Not sure where this came from? Perhaps from getting a HOBBY LOBBY store, or being 9 months pregnant with #4, but in the past month I have become interested in things that never before interested me. I have a silly dream (perhaps pipe) to become an etsy shop. Baking has always been my first love as far as hobbies go~so, maybe because i have had to cut down on that majorly, due to having gestational diabetes, I have filled the void with creating non-edibles. My mother-in-law came over last week to show me how to use the sewing machine they got me (at my request) 4 years ago for Christmas!
My first handmade creations are baby hair accessories and a few for Meran...

This weekend I am going to try my hand at Burpies! I can't wait...I have some yummy fabrics to use! Who knew I'd love going to JoAnn's Fabrics? Weird and mysterious, yet fun and satisfying!

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  1. So cute Britton!!! :) Hopefully she won't rip them out of her hair like Cate does.


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