Thursday, April 7, 2011

So this is what Sisters are like!

I never, ever, can remember wanting a sister when I was growing up. I, very much, liked being the only girl in my family (and the oldest...I might add!). I have 2 brothers-one very close, who was my buddy and the other 9 years younger, who was like my real life baby doll. Life was good. I still, to this day, like having my mom all to myself (mostly-until Meran came along).
I have 4 fabulously fun, caring and darling sister-in-laws. So, I really didn't think Meran needed a sister. Well, I guess the Lord did...afterall, she admits to praying for a little sister. He answered, "yes" and we received Bellen! God is good, in more than a billion ways. But, he heard Meran's prayer and gave her the desire of her heart. It is so sweet to see her loving Bellen. She is a huge help with the boys and loves playing with her brothers (or shall I say "instructing"them). But to see her hold Bellen and talk sweetly to her, I see why sisters have such a special bond. It has been a joy to watch and I am sure there is much more to come!
bellen is held nightly by meran during prayer time

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  1. this post just melts my heart, meran is the big best sister Jameson, Sutty and little baby Bellen could ever ask for! God is good:)


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