Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jameson is 6!

Where did it go? The baby days of my firstborn son! Now he is 6 and about to be a kindergartener!
Such a happy boy! Always talking, full of questions, a witty sense of humor, sweet and gentle, yet rough and loud. Loves legos, chocolate(anything), The Wild Kratts, socializing, Macaroni & Cheese, Starwars, playing house and school with Meran & Sutton, singing & dancing for Bellen's amusement.
Jameson turned 6 yesterday and we celebrated with a Lego Starwars Party. 11 of his friends came to romp and play, eat macaroni & cheese and chocolate cake. Gave each boy a lightsaber (made from a pool noodle)...they could've played for hours!

happy 6th birthday my sweet jameson

in his element

patient big sister read each card to him

silly faces

could they have gotten any closer together?

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