Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Corona Del Mar...one last beach hoo-rah

jason is a trooper...he always is willing to let the kids bury him in the sand

king of the seaweed. jameson collected this pile.

sutt in the sand

we topped off the day with frozen yogurt
this was bellen's first trip to the beach. she enjoyed it and didn't mind the sand!

mini bathing beauty

We went to Corona Del Mar, while visiting my parents, this past week. This beach holds lots of memories for me, as it is a place I frequented in my childhood & youth. I was also baptized in the water there, years ago. The kids enjoyed body surfing, building in the sand, taking a walk down to the cave and burying their dad. Bellen enjoyed a nice nap in Grandma's arms, so I was even able to relax & catch a few (too many) rays! One last beach "hoo-rah" before we go back to school in one week. Not a bad end to a fun filled summer!

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  1. Fun! Chloe saw the picture of Bellen and said, "that's Emme". I told her it was Bellen and she said, "oh it's Mellen?" : )


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