Friday, September 28, 2012

Padres Game

Padres played the Dodgers on Wednesday night and the Rock church staff was given tickets. We ditched soccer, dance & karate to go as a family. Jason, of course, donned his Dodger gear, but I could NOT show up to Petco Park without supporting the home team. So, we compromised...half of us wore Dodger gear and the other half wore Padres!

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  1. Hi Britton! I love seeing your blog and the pics of your sweet family - amazing! God is so good. I saw your dad on Saturday night at our 100 Year Celebration as Friends kick-off concert - so fun! We are doing a event on Oct. 21st and wanted to invite you and Jason (all former staff are invited!). Can you email me your current address? My email is - I just realized I don't even have a current email for you :) I always consider you a ministry partner B!

    Lauren Matt


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