Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The First Cut for the Last One...

Bellen has been sporting the baby-mullet for some time now. But, while the top of her hair is stick straight, the back of her hair has sweet, soft curls. None of my other kids had these curls, so I am, in a way, fascinated with them. They are the main reason I have been putting off her first cut. Then came this week, I decided that Tuesday would be the day. To our list of errands to walk to, I added a stop at Pigtails & Crewcuts, the local children's salon. It's cute and fun and bright...what child wouldn't want their haircut in a taxi or airplane or police car, while eating a cup of animal crackers and watching Toy Story III? She waited her turn, coloring on the paper tablecloth at the child's table, watching skeptically, as the little boy in the police car cried the whole time his hair was being cut. Her turn came and she chose the red airplane. She didn't cry or fuss. The stylist took just the right amount off the ends. Bellen was happy. Mommy was happy. It was good. :)
ready to go!

pigtails & no tears!

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