Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The best gifts we didn't purchase

As I wrap & label Christmas gifts this week something struck me.When I wrote the names of my children, and then wrote, "mommy & daddy", on each gift tag, the significance of those words hit me. I know that the Lord has only entrusted Jason & me with these 4 lovelies, even if I forget for a moment or two on occasion. But, as I wrote those names that our 4 off-spring call us, "mommy, mom, daddy, dad" (depending on the kid:) I was reminded how darn important those titles are! We are the main example of Christ that they see. Each word we say, or do not say. Each action we take or do not take. Every discipline that is giving, each ear that is lent, no matter how long or tangent-y the story:). It is all important in shaping them, their character and who they will become in Christ.
Seriously not qualified, but majorly honored He entrusted us~and we will continue to lean on Him for raising these 4 jewels o' ours (or should I say "His":).


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