Thursday, February 21, 2013

Can't take it with you

So blogging will be a slight challenge for awhile as our home was burglarized last week & both laptops, as well as several other material possessions, stollen. It's an inconvenience, but really not worth getting that worked up over since we won't be taking it with us when we leave for our eternal destination. Speaking of which, my heart is breaking for the Merrick family. Check out the following blog and you will be seeing things differently for sure. I will choose to believe God reigns, no matter what... Because its the truth.


  1. Britton sO sorry to hear about the robbery! I know it is just possessions, but break ins always leave a sense of violation, that someone uninvited came into out home! Glad no one was home or hurt.

    I too am heartbroken for the Merrick Family! She was just precious! Thanking the Lord that she is whole again, and safe in his arms.

    Happy Birthday by the way! Hope this is a wonderful year for you and your family!



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