Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Big 4-0 in the Big Apple

I haven't posted because I've been celebrating...I turned 40 Tuesday!! Woo-hoo!
Jason and I went to NYC for 5 days. Thank you to my inlaws for holding down our fort and keeping the kids' schedules! NYC was super cold for these So Cal-ers, but we enjoyed walking & eating our way thru the city (ditched my low carb eating for my birthday week;). We even got to visit with friends while we were there.

Snow and walking...

Food and friends...

Lots of Fun...

I'm so thankful for the time Jason and I had. We always miss the kids when we are away, but thoroughly enjoy our time together!

We continued our celebration once we were back in Cali. My mom came to spend my birthday with me and Meran skipped school, cus you know, life is short, fun comes first;)!
We played all day and Bellen experienced her first time getting her nails done in a "real" salon.

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  1. Happy Birthday, cousin! Welcome to the "40" club! Love & miss you so much. xoxo


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