Saturday, August 15, 2015

Summer Wind Down

Sadly, our summer is coming to a close and school starts on Monday. We love our school and the kids are ready to get back with their friends...but, wouldn't you agree that there is something fabulous about the carefree-ness and non-structure of summer?? Even though I feel like we could use a few more weeks, Monday will come regardless of my feelings, so we have packed in the fun (hence my lack of blogging).

Celebrated this handsome, best friend of a husband & fab father turning the big 4-0!

FCA baseball camp for these two baseball fans

College Roomie Annual Get Together (minus our blonde part:(-we missed you Candace!)

    Padres Game...whoop-whoop
  Finally Tried the Aquatica WaterPark!

Fresh Haircuts and Ice Cream!

One last trip to the beach on " summer time "

Later Summer...

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