Monday, December 28, 2015

The Calm

It's the after-Christmas Calm. As much as I love Christmas, I was very ready to pack up the decor and trash the tree this year. More than in the past. It may be because I'm counting the days until my radiation is complete (January 19th!). Or maybe because we are very much looking forward to the cruise we are going on in February, as a family, with Meran's dance company! Whatever the reason, I know 2016 is going to be another year of God working and showing himself faithful through our journey we call life. 

This year Christmas was different. Because of my newest niece's arrival a week before Christmas and both the radiation schedules of my in laws and my own, we weren't able to be with family, as usual, on Christmas. We did have a fun visit the weekend before from Eric, Christina & the girls, my parents came down Christmas Day and we will celebrate with the rest of the Neese family in a few weeks. Different than the norm, but still so much fun!

As for radiation, I've completed the first set of 5 deep bone radiation therapies on my t12 with no other side effects then some fatigue, but honestly, who wasn't tired leading up to the week of Christmas...with gift preparations, parties and programs. All so fun, but kind of exhausting. That is why I love the week after so much, spending time together, relaxing in cozies, hanging out at home as a family.
Each morning I have radiation, but fortunately I get it out of the way, first thing. This current radiation is done more on the surface and I can already, after 2, see my skin changing a bit. But, I'm using my trusty essential oils;). Head down, barreling through this! Let's get-her done...and onto 2016!

Introducing my newest niece...Harper Joy Lozano

             Wishing you Joy and Focus of God's unfailing love and grace to you in 2016.

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  1. Hi Britton, I just want you to know that you and your precious family are in my prayers. Thank you for the updates on your blog. It helps me know how to pray more specifically for you.

    Teri Girard
    p.s. your new family picture is just beautiful!


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