Sunday, January 10, 2016

Unplanned Stay-cation

I went to bed Thursday, excited about the following day, because I was knocking off one more radiation, getting my hair done and had a massage...I have gotten very good at self-care these past few years;). But, I also went to bed not feeling great. I lathered up with my oils and fell asleep, kind of. My stomach was hurting all night and even the pressure of my pj waist band was hurting. You know, when you just pray you get "sick" soon, to get it over with. Well, I laid in bed all day Friday, had to cancel all my plans and still couldn't relieve my stomach issues. I hate adding any doctor visits to my already part-time patient job (you know, the job I pay to go to). But after listening to my mother (thanks mom:) and my own intuition, I headed to the walk-in Friday afternoon and was admitted to the ER by that evening. Oh goodie. Thankful not to have brought the stomach flu into our home, but not crazy about adding another surgery to my resume.

So basically, I had a little 2 night "staycation" at the Sharp Coronado Hospital this weekend. Ironically, just down the street from where I was suppose to get my hair done Friday ;)!
I had an appendectomy on Saturday night. But not before having a cat scan, which showed I had fluid around my heart. Because of this, I had to have an echocardiogram and meet with a cardiologist, before the surgeon would decide if he could safely remove my appendix. The concern was that if my heart was under stress from anesthesia it may have a hard time beating with the fluid surrounding it. It looks like I may have to get that fluid removed eventually, and I'm assuming it's related to the cancer near there. For now, I have no physical symptoms, which is a huge praise! And my heart did its job fabulously during surgery. I'll meet with a cardiologist at my healthcare facility soon to follow up with this new health issue. 

Gotta love this coaster, never a dull moment. But God was so working things out for us thru the whole process. I even had some great conversation with one of the nurses as I shared my story and she talked candidly with me about her life. I love love love these opportunities He gives me in this journey. There is a certain boldness that comes with wearing a cancer badge, or any badge of what the world might consider weakness. Because it baffles those that don't understand how we can be strong in such despairing or sad or unknown circumstances. Then, we get to turn our burden into a blessing, bring glory to God's name and do what we were created to do. We all wear some weakness. Remember to wear it proud because it's in the very place of weakness God will use you to His glory...and there is no greater clarity giver than this!

Such excitement this weekend! Going to bed happy and thankful, in my own soft bed (although those elevating hospital beds are kinda awesome). Unfortunately, we missed a few fun things we had planned this weekend. Very thankful for my parents holding down the fort while we stayed at Hotel Sharp de Coronado, not to be confused with the Hotel Del Coronado. The food is much better there I'm sure!

                     "Checking Out"

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