Thursday, June 2, 2016


A recent devotional, in my new fav, "Streams in the Desert", was on God's timing. So appropriate because I've been thinking about "time" lately a lot. Not so much "how much time", but rather the quality of the time spent. I'm certain these thoughts have much to do with my oldest graduating from jr high and my youngest transitioning from preschool to junior kindergarten. Or perhaps it's because 3 of our 4 kids have birthdays over the next 2 weeks.
We spend so much time thinking about time, whether it be subliminal or consciously, ouldnt you agree?
In this Devo it used the example of Abraham and Sarah. 

If God has told Abraham while he was in Haran that he would have to wait thirty years before holding his promised child in his arms, his heart might have failed him. So, God, as an act of His gracious love, hid from Abraham the number of weary years he would be required to wait. Only as the time was approaching, with but a few months left to wait, did God reveal Hos promise: "at the appointed time next year...Sarah will have a son"(Gen. 18:14). The "appointed time" came at last, and soon the joyous laughter that filled the patriarch's home caused the now elderly couple to forget their long and tiring wait. 
So take heart, dear child, when God requires you to wait. The One you wait for will not disappoint you. He will never be even five minutes behind "the appointed time". Soon "your grief will turn to joy" (John 16:20) ~Streams in the Desert devotional, may 24th

Don't you love it!?!? Not even 5 minutes behind schedule. Time is not the focus here. It truly is the quality in which we spend it. And how it's all according to God's perfect time schedule. Not ours. So easy to say, so difficult to believe in some situations. I'm working on always believe this. It's truly a "practice makes...." well, I won't use the word perfect, but you know what I mean ;)!

Speaking of such, here is a pictorial run down of some monumental time markers...

    Gold Rush 4th grade Field Trip 

    Jameson celebrated his 11th birthday 
    My boys

    Benefit Concert with Dominic Balli (graciously put on for myself and little Eli, by our church)

    The Rock Academy Awards Night

    Bellen had preschool promotion
    (Pictured with Mrs.Lori, her beloved teacher)

    Meran graduated Jr. high...

    And was one of two students (top of their class) chosen to speak at graduation

    Visalia fam visits

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