Tuesday, November 10, 2009

They Tickle Me...

I am going to use this blog as a journal right now...because I have started and stopped so many paper journals that I lost count. The kids have been very entertaining lately. I guess because as they grow, so do their communication skills and it is oh so fun to listen to!
Jameson has had some really good questions lately...but the one that sticks in my mind is when he asked yesterday in all seriousness and wonder,"Mommy, does chocolate milk turn into poop in your tummy?"
Sutty is learning to pray. When we hold hands at the dinner table he jabbers away in a quiet, sweet little voice with whoever is praying for our meal. We all like to peek at him doing this! It is just so cute to watch a 17 month old mimic prayer!
On the way to school, on Friday, Meran was reading the boys one of Sutton's Bible board books. Each page has a very brief (like 3-4 sentences long) Bible story.
Meran was reading the story of Moses. The picture was of Moses as a baby in a basket in the river. After reading the brief summary on Moses, Meran closed the book and said," Okay, Bubba, do you want to know why baby Moses is in this basket in the first place?"
Jameson, caught up in awe of his sister's storytelling, said "Why?"
So, Meran goes on to tell Jameson about how Pharoah wanted all Hebrew baby boys to die, etc, etc...then before hopping out of the car to run to class she said,"Jameson, ask your teacher to tell you about it during Bible time!"

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