Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pioneer Woman

Us & "PW"
Robyn & Carolyn (the ulimate fans)
Waiting in Line

My friend, Robyn, a fan of checking blogs, favors the blog of one, Ree Drummond, a.k.a. Pioneer Woman.
So, a few of us took a one day trip to L.A. to see The Pioneer Woman. Intially, I thought we were going to see a comedian...I was unfamiliar with her blog that apparantly has thousands of followers. Well, although she is very funny, it was not a "show", but rather a signing for her newly released cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It is a beautiful cookbook with lots of personal photography of her family on their Oklahoma Cattle Ranch, narrated with short stories, and of course, some delicious recipes that I cannot wait to try! Even Jason said that it made him want to cook after thumbing thru this cookbook!
Our day began early, at 6:30am...Myself, Karin, Robyn, and Carolyn piled into the Tahoe and zoomed toward L.A.! We had to make it to Borders in Torrance to purchase our cookbook and obtain the "yellow" wristband that ensured us a space at the front of the book signing line-that wasn't until 5pm! We did it!
After perusing the clearance books at Borders (which, I might add, is a great selection!) we grabbed Starbucks and made our way to The Grove (my real reason for getting up so early!).
We whirl winded our way thru the shops we loved and had a quick bite at the delicious cafe-like restaurant, The Farm.
Once getting back to Borders we waited a short while to see The Pioneer Woman. She had a Q & A time, where I realized how much some of these ladies LOVE her and I am pretty sure hang on her every breathe! We were in the first "80" or so gals in the book signing line, with atleast 150 more behind us. Ree/The Pioneer Woman seems nice and very down to earth, but Karin and I never actually met her because Robyn and Carolyn were star-struck(their words, not mine) and had oh-so-much to ask/tell her! (love you girls:) was fun!)

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