Friday, November 26, 2010


We spent Thanksgiving week in Orange County, with my family, this year. We packed it full of fun...a Disneyland visit, the movie "Tangled", Christmas shopping, pedicures for the girls, golfing for the boys and lots of quality time with my family!

The View was so beautiful on the drive there!


Sutty's girlfriend, "Mimi"

Jameson knows how daddy likes his pumpkin pie...lots o' whip cream!(note how he is holding the canister like a gun-all boy!)

Meran helping prep dinner

My very creative aunt made this cool appetizer

Sutton enjoys eating pumpkin pie with both hands...who needs a fork anyway?

Sutty, Jason & Papa
Thankful for...
Jesus & Salvation
My handsome & understanding husband
3 spunky, healthy kids
New baby girl coming
Our supportive family-both sides
Really good friends

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