Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Harvest Festival 2010

So excited!

Jason walked around telling kids..."You got a friend in me!"

Dragon's love pizza!

Cute Cowgirl Cousins

We had another fun and memorable Halloween at church, for the Annual Harvest Festival. Meran was a cowgirl, Jameson, a dragon & Sutton was a puppy. We ate pizza, played games and hung out with friends! Daddy might have been the biggest hit of the night, both with our kids and the kids at the church event. His mom had made him a Woody Costume for a previous party he had to go to. He did look authentic! Sutton would look up at him periodically during the evening and say fondly, "Wee-wee" (that is what he calls Woody, another of his favorites).
So cute!

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  1. Britton, I hadn't checked your blog in awhile! Great photos of you guys and the kids. I also for some reason do not have your e-mail address in my address book and I wanted to write you a longer note, so write me so I can write ya back! -Sarah


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