Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Over Achiever...?

I like to think I am not "one of those moms" who compare their baby's height, weight and where they are on the chart, to other babies. Maybe when I was a new mommy...other moms did it and it seemed like the thing to do, compare...
Now, 9 years of mothering behind me and countless notches on my mothering belt (the kind heavy weight champions wear;) I have given up on that. I must say, it does help that our pediatrician never lets us know where the kids "fall" on the chart. (If I want to see I actually have to crain my neck and look really quickly before she marks that blue grid-like paper and closes the folder).
Anyway, Bellen, being baby #4 is making me wonder. Is she going to be an over-achiever? Does she feel the pressure of having to keep up with her brothers and sister? Her chunky legs, coo-ing, double(or is it triple?) chin and big 2-tooth grin gives her plenty of leverage for earning  her a spot in this household. Somehow, she must not understand that though because, much to my disappointment, she is starting to sit up. When I lay her down she automatically lifts her head and feet up, trying to pull herself up(or maybe she is trying to do a sit-up?). Even in the bathtub she wants to sit and splash her hands in the water.
I don't want her reaching these milestones yet or moving up levels on "the chart"...stay a baby, baby. Please! You're the last of our offspring and I want to savour your baby-ness!

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