Friday, July 15, 2011

Hope I have good worker's comp!

So, I got injured on the job on Tuesday. I was getting Sutton ready, excited that my older 2 kids were coming home after a week's stay at my parents. I carried Bellen into Sutt's room to change him and I started to step on a toy tractor that was on the floor. I tried to stop myself from tripping on it...big mistake. I let out a loud and crazy yell (that scared Bellen, who began to cry) and I fell to the ground. I sat on the floor in Sutton's room waiting for the pain in my foot to lessen. I have done this lots of times-fallen over a toy. After 30 minutes I had Sutton get my phone and I called Jason...this was not just a twisted foot. 4 hours later, after seeing the Dr., having xrays and visiting a foot specialist, it was determined that I would have surgery 2 days later to put a pin in my 5th metatarsal, that I had broke in 2 places.
"I hope I have good worker's comp insurance" I said to the nurse.
I actually found the news funny and unbelievable...but, it is what it is. Now, here I sit, 3 days later. Crutches near by and my mom here to help. I will have to be off my foot for 6-8 weeks. That doesn't seem that bad until...
-you realize you can't carry your baby, while using crutches,
-I can't clean my own floors (or anything for that matter),
-I have to bath with one leg hanging over the tub (due to stitches),
-I can't drive ANYWHERE.
Glad we packed in lots of fun the first half of the summer!
post surgery foot
I definitely will not take my feet for granted after this! I will be learning LOTS of patience and "letting go" during this next month or so:). But this is SO temporary! Glory to God!


  1. At least your toes look pretty!
    I am so sorry, praying for a speedy recovery, peace and patience from you and your family :) love you freind

  2. Totally thought of you tonight as I was holding Dash and went into Beau's room and tripped on one of his toys. I caught myself, thankfully. Such a bummer...Praying for you!


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