Sunday, December 11, 2011

Boxes+ UCSD + Kids=Busy

Life is good, only because God is good!
The past 2 weeks have been very busy. Ask anyone you meet and they will say the same. It's the time of year. Christmas/December is always a flurry of (fun) busyness.
Our busyness has little to do with such. We are up to our eye balls in boxes, bubble wrap and tape(a huge THANKS for those of you that have handed down or donated moving necessities). How did we acquire so much "stuff"!? Embarrassing really. I will place some of the blame on my 4 children, since they don't read the blog...please don't tell them.
Last week, we took a break from packing (when I say "we" I am mostly referring to my mother and mother-in-law, since I only feel good enough to do anything 5-6 days after treatment). Jason and I had a weekend away! Ok, Ok...we were headed to UCSD Cancer Center to meet my new Oncologist. But, we stayed in a hotel, had no children with us and ate at PF Chang's, so I consider it a "weekend away":).
I LOVE my new Oncologist, Dr. Helsten. She is confident, smart, a mother herself, and has a sense of humor. Super thankful for all these things!
Last Sunday, day 20, as predicted, I began losing my hair. I was very glad I had cut it short, which seemed to make it less creepy when it began to fall out. I shampooed it very gently and did not even comb it, trying to preserve "my original look" for a few days. I was SO thankful that it just thinned out, but still looked like me, for the Pastoral Christmas Dinner that I attended with Jason last Monday night. It was the first time to meet all the Pastors & their wives at The Rock, so I was thankful that the Lord kept the hair in thru the night!
Tuesday, when I got back to Visalia, I drove straight to Amy and had her shave my head. It felt better to just get it over with and stop "fretting" about how much hair and when the hair was coming out. I felt so confident afterwards! I didn't think twice about walking into Chili's to order food-to-go with with my new do.(is Sinead O'Connor coming to any one's mind?)
Now its time to Bic my head, cus the little buzzed pieces are falling out. But, I am fine with that too. My mom was right, I have the same round-shaped head that Bellen has-although, my 10 month old has more hair than I do(he-he)! Another thing to be thankful for...a round head! Oh, and I still have eyebrows and lashes (for now).
Gearing up for treatment #3 Tuesday, and packing like a mad woman the next 2 days, while I am up to it.
sorry, can't get it turned right way :)


  1. Britton, we are friends with the Torres family (Brooke and Eric) and she shared your blog with me. I have been praying for you and your family as you are on my heart a LOT. We also live in San Diego and would love to welcome you to the city when you get down here. :) Know that you have friends here already. :) And you are my hero with the attitude you have, the outlook. I am sure you have your hard days, but you heart is in such a good place and God will carry you every day. Again, know that you have friends here already that would love to welcome you! Emily Faulknor

  2. Hi Britton and Jason! This is Justin Skeesuck and I hear you are moving down to my neck of the woods? Also, I have been following your cancer treatments and we're praying for you guys through this. Just know that we are here for you guys.

    I would love to connect and see if we could bring you guys some dinner? My guess is that your life is a little crazy right now and we would love to help any way that we can!

    When you get a moment, give me a call at 619-277-2585 and we can go from there.

    God bless,

  3. Maybe we can all connect soon Justin! I hope to come down in the Spring and it would be fun to all get-together. Britton if ANYONE can pull off the Sinead looks it's you, you're beautiful!!!!

  4. So true Britton, if anyone can pull off a shaved head, it's you. You are still beautiful. Keep your eyes on Him, He will always be at your side through all of the changes. Still praying for you and your family. Much Love, Ellie

  5. you are as beautiful as you were when I met you 16 years ago- with or without a full head of hair- we are keeping you all in prayer and hopeful we can see you at retreat in Feb.


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