Thursday, December 29, 2011

Half Way Done!

I am so happy to declare that Wednesday was my last round of the first chemo drugs. Now, I have 4 more sessions of this last drug, followed by surgery, then done! Woo-hoo!
When I got home, we celebrated by eating mini-ice cream cones we got from Trader Joe's...well, Bellen tried to eat most of mine:). The girl loves vanilla ice cream! Before you judge...she only probably ingested a tablespoon all together. By baby #4 you loosen up alot...for the better!
I am feeling relieved by the progress made and the steps behind me taken on this adventure. God has been so faithful. Not that I should be surprised. He always is, in His perfect timing. I have stated these things before, but feel the need to recap things I am faithful for: Still having brows & lashes, not being physically ill (thanks to Zofran), my mom coming to stay for every treatment, the encouraging words of friends & family.
In the busyness of everything I almost feel the Christmas passed us by...but, we did have great times with both our families celebrating Jesus' birth.

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  1. Fun photos Brit! Praise God for his mercy and faithfulness!! Give your mom a huge hug for me. I am so grateful to her for taking such good care of you and your family.


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