Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to (New) School

Meran & Jameson began their new school Tuesday, The Rock Academy. The kids walk 2 blocks (with Jason) to school, class sizes are small and the kids wear uniforms. The have had so many changes in the past few months and they have been troopers. Meran, of course, has found her groove among the 3 other girls in her class (yes, the class size is 16 and only 4 of the students are girls!). The new curriculum really has been good for her and she is already hard at work. Jameson has found his playground buddy in a boy named Christian, and 2 other boys that he identifies by their looks, since he can't seem to remember their names(eh...details, right!?) He is doing great with reading, but a teeny frustrated that he has to begin learning cursive in kindergarten. Also, he is having to wear his shirt tucked in, with a belt, which we have never done with him (since its not really his "style"). But, he is loving going to the park in the afternoons with Jason and the other kids, once homework is complete. I love this too, because it gives me an hour of calm before the storm (i.e. baths, dinner, memory verses, reading, bedtime). We are settling into life here in San Diego. Today, as I drove along Sea World Drive, coming home from some errands, I was thinking how I can hardly believe we are here. Last year at this time we were anticipating Bellen's arrival, which that in itself was exciting and life changing. But, the Lord had so much more in store and we had no idea. It really goes to prove who is in control, huh? We are enjoying this adventure He is leading us on. (Stretch-Stretch-Stretch:)
First Day of School

Making friends

Bellen cruisin' to the park in her new ride from Grandma & Grandpa Neese

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