Monday, February 6, 2012

Muffie Top Monday

 Marshmallow Muffies

Ready for Meran's snack tomorrow

Jameson's favorite treat at Panera is the Chocolate Chip Muffie. It is a great treat, but considering we can walk there too easily, it was becoming more than that...and at $2.29 each I decided I could make them for him at home! My mom found us this Muffie top pan at HomeGoods and we have given it a work out! I have designated Monday as "Muffie Top" Day. Yesterday I bought this cupcake book that actually has lots of muffin recipes in it. Today I tried the Marshmallow Muffins. They look really chocolate-y, but actually aren't overly sweet. Then, I made our go-to and family favorite, the Chocolate Chip Muffie.
The kids enjoy taking them for snack at recess time.
Disclaimer:eating too many Muffie tops may result in having a Muffin top;)


  1. Have to laugh out loud as it is 1 am and I am currently eating muffie from mimi's, chocolate chip banana, one of my favorites ~ and my muffin top is growing with baby #3 but I won't have that excuse forever. Loved this story, you are a great mom Britton :) We have cinnamon roll Sundays here at our house, love making new family traditions, your kiddos will remember muffie Mondays for years to come! So much fun! :)


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