Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Retreat with St. John's Youth Group

Jason spoke at St. John's Episcopal Church Winter Retreat, taking place at El Capitan Canyon, just outside of Santa Barbara,  for the 5th year last weekend. This was the first time we have taken all 4 kids. It is an awesome place to "camp" (definitely my kinda of camping) and the group is so warm and welcoming. Meran had been looking forward to meeting up with her "friends" she had made in the past years. Sutton & Jameson enjoyed being in the outdoors, having adventures and collecting rocks & sticks. Bellen just enjoyed being center of attention, because isn't that what happens when you are a baby in the midst of a group:). It was a great weekend and we are thankful to have been apart of the St. John's youth group retreat!
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