Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Good Old Park

I must admit, I never have really been one of those moms who enjoyed taking her kids to the park. Our backyard in our previous home could be considered a small park and honestly, it was just too much work. Call me a party-pooper, but its the truth.
Then came December 2011...our  move to this house. Literally, we are a few blocks from a fantastic park, overlooking the back bay. Suddenly, the park doesn't seem so bad. In fact, it has become part of our daily routinue. A compulsion really. The park now beckons me...or atleast the "walking" part beacons me, and the park beacons Sutton as we walk by it. So, of course we stop and play for 30 minutes, sometimes much more. The cool breeze blowing, the loud jet noise from the airplanes departing from the airport just across the bay. Ahhh...The park...who knew it could be so fabulous?

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