Friday, June 1, 2012

The End of the (school) Year

The last week of school for the kids, before summer break, was filled with fun, relaxing and celebratory events! Here is the picture collage of what the kids were up to...
4th grade class end of the year lunch~ "the girls"
Mrs Shue & Meran
Meran receiving her fruit of the spirit award (for faithfulness)

Jameson's Kindergarten class singing at their grad party
Jameson with his fruit of the spirit award for joy
Taryn has been with us all week, a real treat!
Our big graduate;)
Sutton is SUPER glad his brother had a graduation party and that they served cupcakes!
Jameson & Mrs.Wilson
beach day...freezing cold! so, we passed the time with 'bucks & subway:)
Meran, Alex & Ryan at beach day
At the "Academy" Awards, Thursday evening, Meran won the Keeper of the Faith award for the 4th grade class. She was surprised but thrilled! It is described, "given to the students who best exemplify Christ-like attributes through their encouragement, discipline, mercy and love. I Corinthians 11:1"

celebrating at coldstone!!!

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