Tuesday, August 6, 2013

His Special Place That Became "Ours"

Jason grew up going to Hume Lake...with his family on vacation, as a camper in his youth and then later as a summer life guard in his late teens. I remember when we were dating, he brought me to Hume one day, so excited to show me this place that held such fond memories for him. Back then, being the " city girl" that I was, I don't remember being quite as fond of it as he... Just happy to be with him anywhere, really. However, over the years, especially since his parents bought a cabin there, we have begun the same tradition of Hume Lake Jason was raised with. And it's become a special place for our family.
Of course, it's quite a trek now that we are San Diegans. But for the second year, we have brought the summer to a close with a week long stint at Hume Lake. This year, Meran attended her last year of Wagon Train (elementary camp), while the rest of us passed the days fishing (ok, not me), walking, exploring caves, catching up with friends & family and hanging out at the lake until our stomachs beckoned us back to the cabin for dinner. It was a week that brought rest, smiles and dozens of memories.

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