Monday, August 12, 2013


There are so many types of friends and friendships. Each holds its important place in our lives. But truly, the friends you share both the everyday happenings with AND also have cried and rejoiced with are the friendships that know depth. Depth that erases the time spent apart...whether it be years or months. We know each other well. Our weaknesses and strengths. We have watched each other grow and mature from the beginning of our adult years.
And while the 4 of us live in 3 different states and soon our friendship will span over 2 countries, we still manage to get together periodically. We don't mind the distance. No. The Lord has brought us each down a different path. It only makes it that much sweeter when we do get to spend a girls weekend together.
Talk, laugh, reminisce, share. These girls are Lifers. Friends forever.

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