Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Feels like a holiday"

That's what we kept saying yesterday, "it feels like a holiday". My side of the family was all together this weekend. It seemed to only happen a few times a year in the past, but with group effort, we are fixing that. Most of us went to Disneyland Friday. Saturday we spent walking, lounging, eating and chatting...until Ben, Kate and the girls had to catch their flight. A weekend highlight was watching the cousins together. True, priceless entertainment. It makes me reminisce when I was that age and the good times my cousins and I had at family get togethers. Having 4 children gives me joy in knowing they will have an even fuller house when they all get together, 20 or so years from now. All grown up, with families of their own, creating more joy, love and memories.

          Dog Cousins;)

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