Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Reality Escape (warning: picture overload)

Not that our reality is bad, it just has a few challenges, like almost everyone out there. But, it was still super fun to escape for 9 whole days this month. Off the grid. No wifi. No real responsibilities. No doctors appointments or tests. Just the ocean. Our family. One set of grandparents. And two tiny parts of God's huge and amazing creation. 
We first hung out in Florida and looked for Wild Alligators while riding an air propelled boat (think The Rescuers Movie). It was too chilly for the wild Alligators to show themselves, so we were happy, or atleast the kids (most of them;) to see and even hold some caged alligators. 

We also took in the sights by Water Taxi, which was fun.

Saturday we boarded the Independence of the Sea, along with most of The Rock Academy Dance Team. This is why we took this amazing trip in the first place, saving our Christmas funds and such. The dance group was invited to perform in the ship's main theatre and also got to do a workshop with some of the ship's performers. It was an amazing opportunity and we will not forget the memories our family made while on the ship and visiting our ports of Belize and Cozumel. Our hearts are happy and memory banks full. Here is a peek at what we deposited...

Jason and I are both in awe and so thankful that the Lord gave me 9 days of feeling so good with no health issues...considering the 2 hospital stays last month! 
I began a new treatment (monthly infusion) last Friday which left me feeling flu-like for 3 days and then some lingering joint pain. It is suppose to help contain the cancer that is in the bone. So, while the vacation was fabulous, it's time to get back to work! But it's so worth it for times like these. 

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