Wednesday, March 9, 2016

41 Year Milestone

Well, I'm 41! Every birthday is a blessing, each year a gift. Living with cancer, as I'm sure is true with any life long or threatening illness, helps to keep my perspective in check!:)
If ever, in a forgetful moment, you hear me complaining about getting old, please slap me ;). 
On my actual birthday, our family had a mini birthday party at home (since it was a school night). Jason took me out on a date that weekend, I celebrated with a girls-night-out-dinner a few nights later and wrapped it up with a weekend at Laguna Beach with some dear, college friends (a 23 year deep friendship).
I'm so thankful for all my people that love me and took time to celebrate life with me, making me feel special. Words just don't do it justice. Know that I love you and am so thankful to know you and have you be part of my 41st year of life (oh, and, thanks mom and dad;).

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