Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree Lane

We spent last Saturday night in Fresno with good friends, taking in lots & lots of Christmas lights!
"Ooooh" was Sutton's exclamation, all wide eyed.
We started off by gorging, I mean eating dinner, at the DogHouse Grill. Yum!
Luckily walked the Christmas Tree Lane.
It is a tree lined neighborhood with homes that have been there atleast 80 years.
The neighborhood transforms itself into "Christmas Tree Lane" for the month of December...this was its 87th year! I read that it takes them 3 months to prepare the homes with lights and decor!
We piled the kids into the wagon and strollers and off we walked!
Being opening night there were so many people (and dogs!)...music, lights, animation and even Santa was there!
I hope we make it an annual tradition. Everyone had a Merry time!

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  1. Hey...just checkin on your blog! I love the pic. of Jameson & Owen with their candy canes :) Crazy boys!

    Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas!


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